Therapy development inspired by patients

Meet Miranda de Jager, Treeway’s CMC consultant. She joined the company in 2017 as a chemistry, manufacturing and controls consultant.


Miranda de Jager joined with plenty of experience and immense motivation and commitment to the cause of developing treatment for ALS. Throughout her career, the driving force in her choices has always been contributing to a bigger cause in society. Working on drug development at Treeway, the opportunity to have an impact on the ALS and Alzheimer’s community and on society could not be greater.


Treeway and her employer 3D-PharmXchange have also given her a lot of space for personal development. Whereas in bigger companies the CMC department is more specialized, Miranda de Jager oversees it all at Treeway: active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) method validation, formulation development, process scale-up and stability study set-ups. This has given her the opportunity to grow into a versatile CMC consultant and further her skills and expertise.


The most rewarding aspect in her work at Treeway is solving issues and coming to solutions together with the team. She has an excellent memory and ability to connect the dots for optimal solutions, which has proven incredibly valuable for Treeway. Speaking to her, Miranda de Jager exudes passion and the confidence that Treeway is now readier than ever to take on bigger challenges efficiently.