Therapy development inspired by patients


We at Treeway believe that one person can make all the difference. To keep our focus, we rely on a small core team of top-level experts in the field, headed by one of the leading female entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector.

Inez de Greef


One woman can and will find a way. Why not be that woman?

Inez de Greef is CEO of Treeway and co-founder of 3D-PharmXchange. Her scientific background in pharmacology, her expertise in drug development and long-standing experience in renowned companies such as Kinesis Pharma and Tibotec-Virco (later Johnson&Johnson) have culminated in leading two successful companies in the biotech and pharmaceutical sector. “I always wanted to use my brains to save lives.” – she says and this is the reason why she joined the two founders of Treeway in their search for effective treatment for the fatal orphan disease, as CEO in 2013.

Her mission for her professional career is clear: using her expertise and skills to have a positive impact on patients with diseases that seem uncurable. Inez de Greef had an esstional role in the development of a variety of drugs and is now determined to provide the same for  ALS and Alzheimer’s disease patients.

“You cannot develop a drug without a proper team”, she affirms. Therefore, the team at Treeway is comprised of top-level experts in their own right who work together as a cohesive team with a shared vision. Her leadership style is open and collaborative; the most efficient way to lead a company with a minimalist business model. Thereby, Treeway keeps its focus on doing smart drug development for ALS and Alzheimer’s disease. With her small and trusted team, there is no space for unnecessary bureaucracy and long decision-making processes. Inez de Greef also leads in a flexible manner, letting her staff take responsibility in the areas of their expertise and interest.