Treeway highly values collaboration. Only through collaborations is it possible to speed up the translation of research findings into potential therapeutics.

The ALS center at the University Medical Center (UMC) in Utrecht

Director and Principal Investigator: Dr. Leonard H. van den Berg.

Tricals, ALS Clinical Trial Center

Tricals short for the Treatment Research Institute for the Cure of ALS, is the international, online platform for people with ALS. Treeway actively connects with TRICALS to speed up clinical research and ultimately find a treatment for ALS, for more information:

Project MinE

Treeway’s two founders, Bernard Muller and Robbert Jan Stuit, are the initiators of Project MinE, the world’s largest ALS research consortium devoted to discovering the genetic makeup of ALS.

The ultimate goal is to identify genes that are associated with ALS. The function of these genes may lead to disease pathways for which, treatment can be developed. Project MinE plans to map the full DNA profiles of 15,000 people with ALS and compare them to DNA profiles of at least 7,500 control subjects to uncover associations between specific variations in genes and ALS. For more information visit

3D-PharmXchange is Treeway’s drug development partner

3D-PharmXchange brings a range of drug development solutions to a broad customer base of pharma, biotech and other healthcare companies. Building on its long standing experience in taking complex multidisciplinary projects forward, across a wide range of disease areas and development phases, 3D-PharmXchange aims to create clear added value as well as to accelerate the ‘time to value’ for its customers.Coming from a diverse pharmaceutical background, the staff at 3D-PharmXchange is incorporating the changing landscape in the pharmaceutical industry and the evolving requirements set forward by regulators into well thought, fit for purpose development solutions.


We have partnered with several universities and research centres for both grant requests as well as speeding up translational research. We are currently collaborating with institutes in Sweden, Spain, Italy, Israel, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States.