Therapy development inspired by patients

In reference to the official press release of our pharma partner Ferrer, we regret to share that the top-line results of the phase 3 clinical study ADORE* show that the primary or key secondary endpoints were not met.

In the ADORE study, our lead product TW001 (FAB122 for Ferrer), an oral version of edaravone, was tested in ALS patients for 48 to 72 weeks.

This is a heartfelt disappointment as the outcome is not what we have hoped for as a new therapy for ALS is urgently needed.

This is undoubtedly a challenging moment for us, but we are committed to continue our mission to improve lives of ALS patients by developing new therapies.

At this moment we want to thank the ALS patients, their caregivers, the investigators, TRICALS and our pharma partner Ferrer and all the people we collaborated with in our TW001 journey so far.

*Ferrer is the owner and sponsor of the ADORE study.

Link to official press release by Ferrer