Therapy development inspired by patients

With the licensing agreement between Treeway and Ferrer in place, FNP122 (formerly TW001) has now entered clinical stage phase III with the initiation of the ADORE study (ALS Deceleration study with Oral Edaravone). In a large-scale double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial, Ferrer will test FNP122’s safety and efficacy in slowing down the disease progression in ALS patients. This is a huge step towards providing the first effective treatment to ALS patients.

FNP122 targets the oxidative stress affecting motor neurons which contributes to the acceleration of disease progression in ALS. By protecting the motor neurons, the treatment could delay the decline in muscle strength and slow the progress of muscular atrophy in patients.

Treeway is very pleased to have partnered with Ferrer and is excited to share Treeway’s mission with the leading Spanish pharmaceutical company to develop new treatments for ALS and making FNP122 (TW001) available to patients.

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